On Sunday night (6:00 p.m.), at Liberty, I will begin a series entitled “Exclusive, investigating the exclusive claims of the Christian faith.”  The core of the series will seek to answer three exclusive claims:  1)  Jesus is the only way to God or Heaven, 2)  The Bible is the superior truth revealed from God, and 3)  That man is sinful and in need of salvation.  These three claims are exclusive in the sense that they assert that people are essentially wrong and doomed if they do not do as the Bible says and follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  The Christian faith theologically and intellectually makes itself incompatible with any other religious or non-religious ideology that seeks ultimate truth.
In a society that places great virtue on tolerance, the exclusive nature of the Christian faith places us in cultural cross-hairs.  Is Christianity a fountain of ignorance and religious hate or is it a logical position that has something to say in the public square?  We will consider these issues over the next few weeks in this Sunday night series, Exclusive.
If you would like to supplement your time in this series, I would offer you a list of books I will be consulting in my preparations.  One, some, or all of them will certainly help to equip the believer as well as challenge the skeptic.  I encourage you to study along with me and I hope to see you Sunday night (6:00 p.m.) at Liberty.  


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