Who Are You (Sermon Audio: Sunday A.M.)

The Book of Romans ends in the most unexpected way, with a list of names. The Bible is famous for this, compiling mountainous, monotonous lists of names. We read through them as if they are a bore. But are they meaningful?

If we were to eliminate the list of names we would emasculate the Scriptures of one of its greatest truths; that God has chosen to reveal Himself in human theaters. Paul could have shared with us thirty more profound truths about justification, or he could do as he has, share with us thirty people who have made the journey from Romans 1, people who participate in the wrath of God, to Romans 16, people who participate in the glory of God. God could have revealed Himself to us in code, or theological treatise, or religious formula. But He has not. God has revealed Himself to us in a list of names, in a monotonous mountain of humanity. If we were to erase Romans 16 we should also erase the names of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Esther, Jeremiah, Daniel, Luke, Matthew, Timothy, Peter, John. . . God uses people to manifest His glory. The beauty of the gospel is that in knowing Christ our stories become synonymous with people.


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