Our Song (Sermon Audio: Sunday A.M.)

The opening lyric of David’s song is an invitation for the entire earth to join in. It is a new song. A new song is something fresh from experience, something that is for the moment, it is newly inspired. Songs are commentaries on culture, on moments, and on souls. Songs can express a person’s deepest regrets, fears, and utmost joy. Wars inspire new songs. Love inspires new songs. Failed love inspires new songs.

If you were to sing a song that reflected your week last week, how would it go? If you were to sing a song, like David’s, that reflected your relationship with God, what would it say? No one sings happy birthday at a funeral. It is hard to join in a song that we are not connected to in soul and moment. There are times we just don’t feel like singing. In this sermon today I ask simply that you listen. I ask that you listen to David’s lyric, his new song of praise to God, and at the same time listen to your own song. What are the lyrics that describe your life, your moment, your soul? How far are you from joining in singing David’s song?

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