Because of Jesus (Sermon Audio: Sunday A.M.)

How would you complete the statement, “Because of Jesus I . . .?” The Christian life is a dynamic, ever growing, definitive relationship with Jesus Christ. Every element of our life should be traced back to how we are related to Jesus. Paul was so related to Jesus one could say that Christ even defined him geographically. He knew where he was going because of Jesus.

God uses our meditations on the life of Christ and the information we gain from studying the Scriptures to have conversations with us. When was the last time you heard God’s voice? He is speaking to you because of Jesus. Are you listening?


Carolyn said…
Because of are doing exactly what HE has called you to do! Preach it, brother!! I am friends with Jennifer Bush and she encouraged me to listen to your teaching...I am encouraged by your commission and challenge to people to pursue Jesus! Fun to hear your expectancy of HIS faithfulness to reveal Himself and rearrange your thoughts and life. Carolyn

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