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Many people say they believe in God, but when you listen to them explain their faith in conversation it becomes crystal clear that they really do not know what “believing in God” means. This is not only a discipleship issue but one of evangelism as well. The church is at a crisis. In a Biblically illiterate culture the people of God are unable to articulate their faith.

My friend Jason Dollar has just published a book, “Contend” which he designed as an apologetics primer for high school students. Although this book is written at a student level my experience has been that student level is the perfect place to start, especially in the area of apologetics. You may be wondering what “apologetics” is, are, was, or were. If so, you need this book. We must be able to explain what we believe and why. I highly recommend every person who names the name of Jesus Christ as Savior spend some portion of their year studying apologetics. Allow my friend Jason to begin your journey. Read Contend.

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JDollar said…
I've read it - it's pretty good...

Thanks, Brian. You are a great friend, and brother.

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