Praise Refreshens and Deepens Us During Crisis

Praise refreshens and deepens the people of God.

During the coronavirus crisis, some have made the church an object of their ridicule. They say that Christians ignore science as they seek to pray as a means of dealing with a deadly pandemic. 

We do not ignore science, but our faith is not in science. We believe that God knows the virus better than we do. He has the power to rebuke it and to give us the scientific wisdom we need to cure it. But no matter how much we explain it, some people will never get it because they are ignorant of the things of God (Psalm 92:6).

Psalm 92:6-9 says that our critics are like grass. There are lots of them. But grass feeds on shallow things. There is no depth to it, and it does not last long. Grass lives for the moment.

But the people of God do an unusual thing in the midst of crisis. They seek the Lord and praise Him despite the adversity. Why? Because praise daily refreshes and spiritually deepens the people of God.

How great are your works, O Lord! Your thoughts are very deep! But you have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox; you have poured over me fresh oil. The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:5, 10, 12

Praise Refreshens (Psalm 92:10-11)

The picture of Psalm 95:10-11 is that of a mighty ox raising his head in strength and confidence. He flashes his horns when threatened as a warning to a predator that you may attack, but you won't like it. 

The fresh oil pictures the Lord's favor and healing working for His people. It pictures the work of the Holy Spirit in the people of God.

These are dark times. New York Governor Cuomo said that if you are looking for good news right now that "you'll be daily disappointed."

The news is disappointing, but praise is refreshing. Praise helps us to confront the harsh realities of the crisis with strength, confidence, and the Lord's favor. 

Praise Deepens (Psalm 92:12-15)

If you wake up daily feeding on the shallows of social media and 24-hour news channels, you will wilt in the heat of the crisis like grass in the summer. 

In contrast to grass, the Psalmist likens those who praise the Lord to a date palm and a cedar. Both produce valuable wood. But the date palm is interesting. Its roots grow deep and wrap themselves around rocks. The Lord is our deep rock (92:15). 

The date palm takes 15 years to begin bearing fruit, but will then produce up to 80 pounds of delicious dates for up to 135 years (92:14). 

Grass has no history. Trees have history.

This Crisis Is An Important Ring In Your Story

Trees tell their own story. Each year a tree produces a ring as the trunk grows in circumference. You can tell a lot about each year of the tree's life by reading the rings.

This is a terrible time, but for the people who praise God, this crisis will produce an important ring in our story. There will be suffering, but there will also be stories of how God sustained His people and used them as a testimony through difficulty. Praise the Lord!

Bible Study

Read Psalm 93.

  • What are the truths this passage reveals about God?
  • How does this passage call for you to praise the Lord?
  • How does this passage encourage your prayers today?


Gather your family together today and share three reasons you have to praise the Lord. If others in your family desire to do so, have them share their reasons as well.

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Bernice Caldwell said…
Thank you for doing these devout is truly a help for me and gives me a focus. These are wonderful so thankful you are my Pastor.
brian said…
Thanks for reading them Bernice. I’m glad they encourage you.

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