Coming Out of Crazy

Because of sin, we have broken bodies. Don't forget that we also have broken brains.

I suffer from a severe case of Misophonia. Pray for me.

Because of misophonia, I cannot go to movies. 

I have a difficult time in restaurants. 

I require a restriction on hard candy.

Why? Not because I'm contagious or because any of those things are dangerous. It's because misophonia "describes the unreasonable emotions that well up inside some of us when we hear certain repetitive noises being produced by those around us."

We all have at least a little crazy.

In Daniel 4, the most powerful man in the ancient world went crazy but returned to reason. 

At the end of the days I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to heaven, and my reason returned to me, and I blessed the Most High, and praised and honored him who lives forever,

Nebuchadnezzar's story demonstrates the power of God's Word, God's people, and godly counsel to help us with our broken brains.

God's Word

Nebuchadnezzar's journey into crazy started with a dream. Meaningful dreams were not an unusual occurrence for the king. And as he had done previously (Dan. 2), the king calls for Daniel to interpret the dream. Daniel warns the king to "break off your sins" and practice righteousness (4:27). Nebuchadnezzar considered God's Word to him for a year and, in the end, chose not to listen.

The Bible puts a premium on the wisdom of God's Word (Prov. 1-2). We are much better off listening to God's Word than we are entertaining our thoughts, going with our gut, or listening to our emotions. God's Word is the standard of truth, and it gives us a plumbline by which we can measure our thoughts, opinions, and emotions. 

God's People

 Some people are crazy because they listen to crazy. Daniel had proven to the king that he was a wise, godly, disciplined man. But the king had rather listen to his pride than to God's people, and it cost him going crazy.

We are much better off listening to godly parents, godly friends, godly leaders and joining with godly groups of people than we are hanging out with crazy. 

Godly Counsel

And what about Christian counseling, psychology, or psychiatry? Would you go to a doctor for a broken leg? Of course, you would. So why would you not go to a professional for a broken brain?

Mental illness is a reality, not a failure. God has called some of His people to devote their lives to a more in-depth study of the human condition. A Christian counselor can help you sort things out, identify the triggers, and apply God's Word to help you heal. 

If you need help, get help. Denial is the first step towards crazy! 

We all have crazy, know crazy, and do crazy. Crazy is not a question of if or who, but when. But when we go crazy, God's Word, God's people and godly counsel can help us return to reason.

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