The Kryptonite of Joy

Sin is the kryptonite of joy.

If there was kryptonite nearby, Superman could not fly. He was not more powerful than a locomotive and could not leap tall buildings with a single bound. He was not faster than a speeding bullet. With kryptonite Superman became powerless.

In Psalm 51, in an intense confession of sin, David asks God to "Restore to me the joy of your salvation (51:12a)." David lost joy because of sin in his life. Sin is the kryptonite of joy.

If you insist on sin, you cannot enjoy God. In sin, we cannot enjoy the things of God. You will not enjoy prayer. If you continue in sin, there will be no satisfaction in worship. If you hide sin, you will not enjoy the Bible. We could argue that if you make a habit of sin, then you cannot enjoy life. The Bible says that all sin offers is a fleeting pleasure (Heb 11:25b) that ends in death (Rom. 6:23a).

If this describes you, please realize that you are not the first. You will not be the last. And please realize that you are not alone. I've done it. David did it. In Psalm 51 he describes it.

The good news is there is a solution. God can restore your joy.
In Psalm 51:12, notice that David does not only ask God to restore to him the joy of his salvation but also to "uphold me with a willing spirit (Psalm 51:12b)."

When it comes to sin, we are familiar with asking for forgiveness, but have you ever asked God for willingness?


We want joy restored, but are we willing to repent?
Do you want to be forgiven? Sure. But also ask if you're willing to change.
We want a clean conscience, but are we willing to be confronted?
We confess, but are we willing to be thoroughly cleansed (51:7)?

The church is filled with people who want to be forgiven, but who have never been restored. We are like a spiritual version of Superman, saved, sealed with the Holy Spirit. Empowered to be His witnesses, but we cannot perform on His power because we are holding on to kryptonite. We are living in sin. We have lost the joy of our salvation.

This reality may be one of the hardest truths you've ever faced, but it may be one of the best things you've ever done. In Psalm 51, a broken man shares with us how his sin was cleansed and joy was restored. So if you are tired of living a joyless, listless, powerless Christian life, join me this week as we walk through Psalm 51and find out how the joy of God's salvation can be restored in our lives. Begin with the Bible study questions and the challenge below.

Bible Study

Read Psalm 51:1-4

  • What are the commands to obey?
  • What are the promises to believe?
  • What are the principles to apply?


Answer these questions on paper. Take some time to write out your answers. Use this exercise as a mirror of yourself. Ask God to help you see how sin is affecting you.

What is a sin in your life that has become the kryptonite of your joy? Take inventory of it. Why did you start it? Why do you continue to do it? How has it impacted your spiritually with God and relationally with others? What might happen if you continue to do it?

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