A Dream Come True

What is something that you would consider to be a dream come true if God did it for you?

It could happen. It happened for the person who wrote Psalm 126. The Psalmist was probably a part of a wave of exiles returning to Israel. For the previous generation, Israel's dream came to an abrupt end. The people were unfaithful to God. In judgment, God empowered the Babylonians to conquer and carry them away. Jerusalem was destroyed. The Temple was demolished.

Just as Adam and Eve became exiles of Eden, so too did Israel disobey God and lose the promised land. But God promised a day in which the people would return.

It is one thing to know WHAT God can do. It's quite another to know WHEN God will do WHAT he has promised to do. That wait can be hopeful and discouraging all at the same time.

So the day came. Babylon was defeated, and the ones who now held the keys to the kingdom decided to send the Hebrew exiles home. It was a dream come true.

"When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream." Psalm 126:1

Why is it amazing that the Bible is true?

Why are we always amazed when God's Word proves true? It may take a generation, and it may be even past the point of your life and death, but God always performs on his promises. And when he does, it's like a dream come true. Why are we so amazed that God's faithful? I believe there are three reasons.

  1. We don't have anyone else in our lives as faithful as God. This is why we can't trust anyone else or anything else to be our ultimate source of joy.
  2. We don't deserve it. If we ever become entitled, we are no longer worshipers but idolators. Despite our fickleness, God is faithful.
  3. We don't develop our dreams according to the Word of God.

And it is this third reason I want to focus on today. Realize that for the exiles, God gave them a plan to work before their return. The later Old Testament outlines how, even in exile, the people were to be repentant, righteous, and obedient. We see an example of this in the story of Daniel. 

Too often, our dreams are disconnected from God's Word. We want God to answer our prayer our way. That's not a dream. That's a demand. The dream is developed in obedience. 

Pray for healing. But what does God want you to do while you are sick?

Pray for provision. But what does God want you to do while you lack?

Pray for restoration. But what does God want you to repair?

So let's ask again. What is something that you would consider to be a dream come true if God did it for you? How is that dream connected to God's promises, God's plan, God's Word? What is God's plan for you to develop the dream? What would God have you do while you wait? Dream!

Bible Study:

Read Psalm 14. Notice in verse 7 of that Psalm also talks about when the Lord restores the fortunes of Zion. Also, notice that the Psalm talks about the foolishness of living as if there is no God.

  • What does Psalm 14 teach about human nature that might make us prone to not include God in our dreams and plans for the future? Or, what does the Psalm teach about human nature that makes us prone to live as if there is no God?
  • What does Psalm 14 teach about God that makes it wise for us to include Him in our dreams and plans for the future?
  • According to the passage, how are we to respond when God answers our prayers?


In today's devotion, I asked about your dream. What is your dream and how does it fit into the plans and promises of God? Find at least 5 verses in the Bible that relate to your dream. If you can't find some, either you haven't searched enough or you need to adjust your dream. Shape your dreams/prayer requests/plans according to God's Word.

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