Sister Wives

Confession is good for the soul.  Although I am writing this, this is more of a confessional statement from my wife.  There is one more story from the missions trip to Helen I failed to share in my previous posts.
For months Emily M. from our church worked with the people from Georgia Mountain Resort Ministries to put the trip together.  I am sure that somewhere along the way Emily shared with the folks from GMR that this would be a “family” missions trip.  By “family” I mean moms, dads, kids, church wide, young and old, male and female.  This is an important detail! 
On Monday morning we were to meet Stephanie from GMR in downtown Helen for orientation.  At the time there were five men on the trip.  Two stayed behind at the cabin to cook.  Two took the van to be refueled.  That left one, me.  With me were 5 women and about 11 kids.  There we stood before GMR Stephanie who graciously introduced herself, and to which my wife replied, “We are the sister wives and this is our husband.” 
GMR Stephanie, needless to say, stammered for a moment somewhere between wanting to laugh and wanting to ask, “Are you serious?”  At which time I replied, “When we said family mission trip, this is what we meant, 1 family.” 
So there you have it, my wife’s confession.  This is all her fault.  Luckily GMR Stephanie was a good sport and got the joke.  It also helped to clarify issue when the refueling men finally returned to the group.  However I think our church now has an uncomfortable reputation in the North Georgia Mountains, and if you have ever seen the movie Deliverance, you know that may not be a good thing. 
So allow me now to confess, that’s my wife, these are the sorts of things she is prone to say, and that is just one of the many reasons I love her.  She makes me laugh . . .and it is the things she does to make me laugh that are the very reason I only need one of her.  I am a blessed man who plans to keep it the wife number to a minimum; only 1! 


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