Reasons I Like Whitestone

Every other year my wife and I try to take an anniversary getaway to Whitestone Inn in Kingston, TN.  This week marked our 5th visit and the first time we were able to book the Eagle's Landing Suite.  We have stayed in Hawk's Nest twice which is just next door within the Lion and the Lamb Cottage.  The views from the Lion and the Lamb are spectacular and the rooms are second to none.  Yet this week, we found out why it has been so difficult to book The Eagle.  The room is round and full of windows offering an incredible panoramic view of the Whitestone property overlooking Watts Bar Lake.  The pictures on their website are much better, but here are a few pics I took with my cell phone, not great quality, but you get the point.  You will like this place!

The owners of the property, Paul and Jean Cowell not only have a heart for hospitality but also for ministry.  The chapel on campus is not just a hood ornament, it is a working church.  Paul holds worship there every Sunday and has a small congregation of faithful locals who welcome anyone staying at the inn for the weekend to join them.  For pastors, the Cowell's make every room available at half price from Mon. - Thur.  For international missionaries on furlough Whitestone offers respite at no cost. 

The food is excellent.  The atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing.  If you are looking for a place to get away for a few days, I highly recommend Whitestone.  

And by the way - for the cynics, I am getting NOTHING for posting this endorsement!  I just thought it evil for me not to let you know about this place.  If you are one of those cynics, you probably need a few points with the wife - you need a trip to Whitestone :)!

Come to Whitestone from Kevin Cowell on Vimeo.


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