One Of the Many Reasons I am Southern Baptist - Haiti Relief

Have you given to disaster relief in Haiti? If you have given an offering at a cooperating Southern Baptist Church in the past year, you have. The Cooperative Program is a fund to which Southern Baptist churches contribute, for the purpose of missions, evangelism, and education. Each church determines a percentage that will be taken from their weekly general offering and designated to the cooperative program. For instance, if a church you attend determines to give 10% to the Cooperative Program, 10 cents of every dollar you give goes to the Cooperative Program. Simply stated, your giving will support the efforts of Southern Baptists in your state, in North America, and around the world. A big part of the Southern Baptist mission is disaster relief. Southern Baptists are great at disaster relief - not so good at advertising. Therefore it looks like the UN and the Red Cross are at the forefront of disaster relief. Not so fast. In the face of almost every disaster there is also an army of yellow hats, shirts, and vests warn by volunteers from the Southern Baptist Convention. CNN may not give the SBC a lot of face time, but we are there. In fact, the SBC is the 2nd largest disaster relief organization in the world behind the Red Cross. We are 2nd, as I understand it, only because we are in partnership with the Red Cross and they count SBC volunteers as their own.

There is a lot of information about the efforts of Southern Baptist and disaster relief that I am not comfortable sharing without proper documentation. I hear many great stats, but I don’t have access to them. I would love for some of our SBC leaders to help get the word out, maybe respond to my blog (hint, hint). Let us know what is going on exactly. In the meantime here are some links so you can explore opportunities to serve and to give through Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. If you have more links or info. to share, please do so.

Haiti Relief through the Florida Baptist Convention

International Mission Board

How you can help in Haiti - IMB

SBC Disaster Relief Home Page

Baptist Global Response


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