Al Mohler on the Virgin Birth (Guest Blogger: Jason Dollar)

The Christmas reality that Jesus Christ was conceived in the womb of a virgin is sometimes ignored by Christians, or explained away as a metaphor. But it shouldn’t be, since it is a cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith that is absolutely essential to any system of thought that calls itself biblical or orthodox.

Larry King once quipped that if he could interview anyone from history it would be Jesus, and that the first thing he would ask him was whether he was virgin-born or not. King said the answer to that question, “would define history for me” (RZIM, Winter 1998).

King is correct. If Jesus was actually born of a virgin, then the implication is that the light of God has come into the world, in a seed form, but is now growing to a global blaze. History is God’s history, if he truly entered the world in flesh, through the medium of Mary’s womb.

Theologian and culture analyzer, Dr. Al Mohler, has written an article concerning the importance of the virgin birth called, “Can a Christian Deny the Virgin Birth?” I commend this article to you.


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