Your Mp3 Cathedral - Using Your Computer to Listen to Sermons

For those who are not computer savvy I have some good news on how you can use technology to deepen your Christian faith. Many churches now use podcasting technology as a way to post sermon audio online. This allows you the user to subscribe to a podcast and download sermons to your computer. If you own an mp3 player you can take that audio wherever you go. Most car radios now come with an audio jack that allows you to plug in an mp3 player.

How can I listen to sermon audio online?

There are TONS of FREE mp3 programs online you can download to your computer that will allow you to subscribe and listen to podcasts. These programs include iTunes (which I recommend) or something like WinAmp. If you use iTunes you can search a massive listing of popular Podcasts that will also reference other podcasts that are like the ones you choose. Each week on my blog I post the audio from the previous week’s sermon. These sermons become episodes and they are catalogued on our podcast. If you subscribe to them your computer will automatically download each new episode and when you plug in your mp3 player, your mp3 program will automatically upload it to your player.

Since iTunes is a Mac program I would recommend that you purchase one of their many iPod models. iTunes and an Apple iPod are completely synergistic and simple. I use an iPod Touch and really enjoy it. Currently I listen to four or five different preachers a week. When I listen to a sermon, iTunes automatically takes it off my iPod and gives me a new one.

Here is the link to our Podcast on iTunes:

I have found that podcasting is a good way to get my mind off of the clutter and chaos on the radio. It is a way to steer clear of the shock jocks, pathetic excuses for meaningful music, and hopeless talk radio shows. On almost every auto journey I take I am listening to sermons or music that I choose. Hence the terms iTunes and iPod, emphasis on I!

Take control of the lyrics in your life and I promise it will change your tune.


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