Off to Romania

On Wednesday my family and I will be headed to Oradea, Romania. I want to thank all of you who have supported us and have made this trip a reality. I believe God is not only going to speak great things into my life while I am away, but I truly believe God is going to do something incredible in the life of my wife and daughters. Morgan is nine years old and God has given her such a unique opportunity to see His glory at a time when she is so moldable but yet influences, ideas, and memories become so concrete. I believe this trip will shape the rest of her life. As for Kiley, just pray for her and the flight, her mother and the flight, me and the the flight, and everyone else on the fight! So many of you have invested in this, trip and for you I am eternally grateful.

While we are away I will be posting to the blog as often as possible. We are also taking a camera along for Morgan. We thought it would be interesting to see this trip through the eyes of a nine year old girl. She is actually a very good photographer. I will try to post those pictures as well. So please check back often over the next couple of weeks. As you know, on mission trips posts could come at odd times and in odd circumstances.

Please pray for us and for the people of Oradea, Romania. May God be glorified and may many people be born again through His Son Jesus and be filled with His Spirit.


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