Acts 1:8 in Shoes, A Return to Romania?

This morning I taught a class on Creative Preaching to second year college students. It is a humbling experience when you realize you are talking to a class of young men who will represent a large percentage of the preaching that will take place in Romania in the coming generation. The post revolution Baptist church is still very young here. Emanuel University is sending out laborers into a ripened harvest. These young men are intelligent and highly motivated. Most of them complete their college education, master’s training, and Ph.D work before the age of thirty. During those years they will leave their families and dedicate themselves almost completely to studying the Bible. Their dedication to being good stewards of the Word of God is a model for all of us.

Carnelush has been driving us around this week. On our way to Craiva this afternoon I had an opportunity to hear his story. He is one of five brothers; the only one of his family who is a believer. After High School he went to Hungary to work for two years so he could pay for his university training. He has since graduated from the Masters program here and is about to start his Ph.D. in another city. He wants to be a missionary. I was afraid to tell him that he already is; a great one.

While in college Carnelush went every Wednesday to the train station to share the gospel. He told me that during the summer he travels around Europe, alone, finding places to stay, just so he can share the gospel. He has spent a great deal of time in Turkey working in an Apricot orchard during the day and sharing Christ with a Muslim family at night. In all he has been to 22 countries in Europe, most of them multiple times. He is Acts 1:8 in shoes.

When you hear these stories and walk in the midst of people of such great faith and dedication you wonder what is next? Not for them, but what is next for you? How will you exercise your faith from this point on? Will I take more risks? Will I understand more of what it means to love God with all of my mind, heart, body, soul, and strength? Men like Carnelush are there. Every fiber of their being is infused with the gospel. What is most convicting is that the students here want to visit America, but they are not interested in a tour. The students here want to enter America as missionaries. We desperately need them to come.

Next year we have the opportunity to return to Craiva and Topa to work with children and conduct evangelistic crusades. I am already laying the groundwork to partner with a pastor in each village for this to take place. In order to facilitate ministry in each area we will need two teams. I know many of you have been reading this blog and enjoying it. Perhaps you have enjoyed the pictures. Next year, why don’t you bring your own camera? Why don’t you come? The moment I return to Birmingham I will be challenging the people of Ridgecrest to give about 10 days of 2010 to Romania. The return trip to Romania begins now. Pray with us about the possibility of you joining the 2010 team.

Also, to the people of RBC, I would like to challenge each CLG to have a member of the team to speak at one of their upcoming meetings. Because of the nature of our services we will not be able to have each member share their story with the entire congregation. The best way to share these amazing stories in detail would be through the CLG’s. Talk to your teacher about scheduling one of your meeting times with a member of our time. You need to hear about the things God has done in us while ministering to the people of Romania.


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