Repair Your Relationship with God

God will not forsake His relationship with His people. He initiated that relationship through redemption. Through great power and the blood of Jesus Christ He has delivered us from sin and given us new life. 

But the people He redeems rebel. The relationship is still there but the fellowship is broken. When we turn away from God He calls His people to reconciliation.

Isaiah 1 outlines how we are to repair our relationship with God. He does not just call us to confession but to correction. This is no quick fix, but a process of unlearning behaviors that do not please the Lord and learning how to act in ways that do please the Lord. 

God invites us to "reason together" with Him. "Reason together" means to dispute. He is patient, but He is not here to negotiate. Reconciling our relationship with God requires that we wrestle with Him. We will take steps forward and a few steps back. We will doubt Him and ourselves. We will offer excuses as to why we can't rid our lives of sin. 

But the Lord is good. His offer stands. We will enjoy the good of the land if we will reconcile with Him. If we don't, we will dry up like an oak that is rotting from the inside. 

In this message I walk through Isaiah 1 and talk about how we repair our relationship with God.


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