Your Time in Quarantine, Kill It or Make it Count

In 2014 a Swedish gravedigger named Fredrik Colting released a watch he called The Tikker. The purpose of The Tikker is to help you make every second count.

Unlike standard watches, The Tikker does not tell you what time it is; The Tikker tells you how much time you have left. The Tikker tells you how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have before you die.

The Tikker doesn't know precisely when you are going to die, but by using an algorithm that calculates factors such as age, health, and lifestyle, it makes a prediction. And while some may see this as a morbid piece of wrist jewelry, the purpose of The Tikker is to help you make every second count. Colting says about his unique watch

"The occurrence of death is no surprise to anyone, but in modern society we rarely think about it. I think that if we were more aware of our own expiration I'm sure we'd make better choices while we are alive."

Colting's Tikker captures the concern of Ephesians 5:17 when it comes to time; that we would not kill it, but make it count.

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Ephesians 5:17

We Just Won the Lottery on Time

Foolish describes someone senseless and ignorant. A fool lives moment to moment with little thought of the consequences of their decisions. A fool squanders everything he or she is given. If you give a fool a million dollars, it does not change their life; it only gives them a million chances to make the same stupid decisions.

When it comes to our quarantine, I hate that it happened this way, but many of us just won the lottery on time. 

So how do we make sure we do not behave like fools and waste this windfall of time? The answer is in the final phrase of Ephesians 5:17, "Understand what the will of the Lord is." If we are not to kill this time, we must make it count.

What is the Will of The Lord?

So what is the will of the Lord for our quarantine? The "will of the Lord" at this time is the "the will of the Lord" at all times. If you read through all of Ephesians 5, you will see that the Lord would have us to unlearn sinful actions and relearn godly ones (5:1-15). He would have us to end the intoxicants and be filled with the Spirit (5:18). Perhaps we should work on Christ-centered marriage and family (5:22-6:4). Maybe it is time to revalue our businesses in a way that values those that work with us or for us (6:5-9). 

In short, the will of the Lord for you and me is for us to 1) work on personal holiness and 2) bring light into the darkness (5:12-14).

We need a Tikker on our quarantine. We can either kill this time or make it count.

Bible Study

Read Ephesians 5.

  • List at least 5 commands to be obeyed.
  • Make an outline of the topics contained in this passage.
  • Pick one section of topics in the passage and list principles you should apply.


Whichever section of Ephesians 5 you chose to focus on for Bible Study, create a goal and a schedule for how you can work on that area of Christ-centered living during this time of quarantine. Start working that plan today.

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Angie Hicks said…
These devotionals have been much needed for me! I do not manage my time wisely and I’ve done nothing but dwell and pray on this and try to be more conscious about what I’m doing with my time. Just know the Lord is using you. I am thankful my husband found your sermons on Sermon Audio years ago! Thank you for your obedience in prayer and study to bring us such Spirit filled messages. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

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