The Season of Delight

When life is good, it doesn't mean that you've arrived. It means that God is giving you time to recover and get ready.

Life isn't all bad. Sometimes life is very good

Your vision comes to fruition. Your family is a lot of fun. Prayers are being answered. You're making some money. It's an enjoyable season. 

Life is good!

In Psalm 23:2-3a, David describes this season of delight.

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.

Psalm 23:2-3a

When life is good, we want to hit the pause button and stay right there. Unfortunately, we can't. Don't ignore the word "RESTORE."

"Restore" means that we haven't always been here and that there are no intentions of staying here. "Restore" implies that we have come from something and that we are going to something. "Restore" is a process, not a permanent situation. 

"Restore" means that in this season of delight, God is up to something. He's giving us time to recover and get ready.

Recover From the Past

The delightful season often comes on the heels of a difficult one. That last season took something out of you. Now God has you on a level plain where life is easy (well at least easier). The grass is green, and the pools are plentiful. The level plain gives you a long view, and there is no danger on the horizon. 

If there's any danger in the delightful season, it is that we often forget God. But God doesn't have you in this season to get fat and forget Him. Remember, you are here to restore, rebuild, replenish, reload! 

So feed on His blessings, but don't forget Him. Take joy in this season; don't make an idol of it. Graze with gratitude. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Make memories. Just release and recover! 

Sure, God is there when life is hard. But He's also with us when life is good. Seek Him in the difficult season. Enjoy Him in the delightful one.

Get Ready For What's Next

Notice that the word "restore" comes at the beginning of the 23rd Psalm. Read the rest of the Psalm. There's a lot ahead of you. Get ready!

Verses 4-5 of Psalm 23 imply that there's a climb ahead. The climb is coming, but not now. Now you get to sit and eat. And the water is still.

The delightful season gives you a good time to meditate. Solidify the lessons of the last climb. Be better prepared for the next one. 

"Restore" means that in the delightful season, God has you here to regain your strength. Get stronger. Don't get lazy. 

You Haven't Arrived

When life is good, it doesn't mean that you have arrived. The delightful season is a process of recovery and readiness. Make great decisions and take advantage of a wonderful season. God has something for you here. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Bible Study

Read Psalm 34:8-10.

  • How does this passage encourage us to praise God?
  • What does this passage command us to do?
  • What does this passage promise us?


Write down 5 good things happening in your life. Praise the Lord for them. What will you take from these good things that can help you recover from the past and get ready for what's next?


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