Life at Smartphone Speed (Excerpt from #TheWalk)

from page 12:

Guided by GPS, we can arrive at any destination and have no idea how we got there.

  Long life with the Lord is not merely about arrival at a destination, it is about steps.  It is less about praying about where we want to be and more about paying attention to where we are and how what the Bible says applies to today.  

Living at smartphone speed, we are deceived to believe we need all the answers.  If you want to go further, do what David did in Psalm 37:23.  Do life at a walking pace, with the Word of God in hand to light the path before your feet.  If you live like that, you don’t need all the answers, you need only one.  What’s the next step?

We need to be asking more questions like "What's next?" rather than questions that begin with "When?"  Your phone may know exactly "when" you will arrive, but God is less concerned with the "when" and more concerned with the “way” you get there.  

At one time the Christian life was actually known as “the Way” (Acts 9:2).  Living long for God has never been referred to as “the When.”

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