Doing Life at Godspeed - WALK

I am excited to begin a new series of sermons at Liberty this weekend entitled the walk.  The journey into this series began for me a few weeks ago during my morning prayers.  I was praying through Psalm 119:129-136 and the Spirit brought me to a halt at verse 133, "Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me."

My mind was immediately flooded by a number of Bible verses that speak about our relationship with the Lord as a "walk."  I continued to dwell on this verse throughout the morning and I went about my tasks.  I couldn't get my mind off of the idea of walking with the Lord.  My wife always says God speaks in themes.  That afternoon I made contact with my lifelong friend Chris Altman, student pastor at Roopeville Road Baptist Church in Carrolton, GA.  Chris has invited me to speak to his students for several years during their summer camp.  I asked him what his theme was for this year so I could begin to prepare.  Guess what he said, "WALK." 

O.K. God, got it!

Here is what I am going to focus on this Sunday, PACE.  If we are going to do life at "Godspeed" we must walk.  God walks wherever He goes.  

There is a lot we are missing in life because we are not doing life at Godspeed.  Allow me to share with you this Sunday (8:45 and 11 a.m.) some things I have learned about PACE, doing life at Godspeed.  Here are three things God hit me with yesterday afternoon just before I rushed out of my office, hurriedly running to accomplish another task.

  1. God is not nearly as impressed with my schedule as I am 
  2. God is not nearly as aggravated by my limitations as I am 
  3. God is not nearly as interested at all I have to do as I am  
  4. God says "no" to stuff all the time, why can't I?
  5. I make time to hear what everyone else has to say and every opportunity they have to offer, how in the world then can I say I don't have time to walk with God.
 It is time to do life at Godspeed, walk! 


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