I'm Right Here

I know I have been post-lite over the past two weeks, but I am still alive.  Winding down the summer we took a last minute beach trip.  Last Wednesday we woke up in Panama City Beach, FL at 4:30 a.m., that afternoon we were at "meet the teacher" in Dalton, GA.  Both Mo and Kiley are adjusting well to new schools.

Shannon and I are adjusting to new schedules.  Shannon has not only picked up responsibilities as our interim choir director but she also began working as my ministry assistant this week.  For those of you who are fans of Shannon's Jam, which I like to call BadMammaJamma, it will exist, but there may be less of it for awhile.  Added to my schedule is two early morning Old Testament classes with the 9th grade students at Christian Heritage School here in Dalton.  I have always wanted to teach, so far, so good.  I love it just as much as I always thought I would.  We will see how all parties involved feel about one another by spring break!  I have a great post to share next week about my first day of school.

We have been so busy lately that my mom called me repeatedly this weekend.  I had no idea she was calling so much.  I was paying no attention to my phone.  She was worried.  When I finally called her back she asked in a concerned tone, "Where are you?"  I answered, "I'm right here."  That's how busy life has been lately, we just are where we are.  We love where we are, but now getting into the fall we will finally learn what life is like where we are.  The girls are back in school.  Shannon is back at work.  I am trying to catch up to vision and ministry in a new town.

Sorry I haven't offered a decent post in a few weeks.  No fear.  I'm right here.


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