Why Attend Marriage Events, Reason #4, Marriage is a Long Shot

On Thursday our church (libertybaptistchurch.ws) is privileged to host Mitch Temple, author of The Marriage Turnaround.  Mitch will be with us from 7:00-8:30 sharing on the topic of “Making Marriage Your Business.”  Why should you take the time to be here for this important event?  This week I will share with you some reasons why you should attend:
REASON #4 Marriage is a Long Shot
If you have ever played golf or launched a rocket into space you know that when it comes to the long shot, a little bit makes a big difference.  A few degrees becomes hundreds of miles depending on how far you go.  Since most of us are still waiting to launch our first rocket into orbit, let’s talk golf.  Hitting a golf ball a long way is not as difficult as it is to hit it the right way.  This is why the optimum shot lands in what is called the “fair-way” and everything else is referred to as “rough!”  
Hitting a golf ball into the rough is easy.  Just make a slight mistake off the tee and watch it play out over the next 100 or so yards.  The first 25 yards the ball is traveling so fast that you can’t tell anything tragic is about to happen.  The ball may even hold flight for the next 50 yards, but before long what happened in the tee box becomes plain for everyone to see.  Depending on the spin of the ball the flight path will suddenly change.  This is called either a “hook” or a “slice.”  A hook or a slice can change a 200 + yard shot down the fairway into a quarter mile trip into the woods.  Minor mistakes in the tee box becomes a major rough shot in a hurry.
Marriages do not become suddenly rough.  Rough marriages are made over time.  Like a golf shot, a little bit can play out over a long time.  Negative habits that seem like minor issues in the beginning will eventually make marriage rough.  Sometimes these issues are even unseen, but as the marriage develops the problems become plain for everyone to see.
Marriage events help us make minor corrections that can make a big difference over time.  Marriage events are not designed to make marriage magical overnight, but they are about helping us to identify the little things and make slight course corrections before it is too late.  A little bit of investment now can mean major improvements 2, 5, or 10 years from now.  I have learned so many little things about marriage over time, at marriage events, that have made major differences in my relationship with Shannon.  She knows I’ve got it in the fairway! ; )     
Marriage is a long shot.  Invest in your marriage now and keep it on the fairway.  I hope to see you tonight at Liberty.   


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