Why Attend Marriage Events, Reason #3, Its Cheaper Than Divorce

On Thursday our church (libertybaptistchurch.ws) is privileged to host Mitch Temple, author of The Marriage Turnaround.  Mitch will be with us from 7:00-8:30 sharing on the topic of “Making Marriage Your Business.”  Why should you take the time to be here for this important event?  This week I will share with you some reasons why you should attend:
REASON #3 Its Cheaper Than Divorce
It costs a lot to be married.  It costs even more to end one.  While the costs of divorce fluctuate greatly based on the economics of the family involved, Divorce360.com, by using U.S. household averages, estimates that the divorce in America costs $53,000 on average.  While it is true that couples can file an “uncontested” divorce for as little as a few hundred dollars, the often unseen costs associated with relocation, counseling, and acquiring a new mortgage can add up quickly.  (see the full article)
The marriage event we are hosting this week costs only $15 per couple.  Christian marriage events can range from $100 - $750 per couple depending on how long the event is held, who is speaking, and accommodations.  Christian marriage counseling can cost as little as $30 per hour or as much as $100 per hour.  I have found that the average cost is about $80 per hour and in most cases the cost is subsidized by a church or supporting ministry.  Even at these rates most people shy away from shelling out the dough for marriage help because they do not feel it is a worthwhile investment.  Yet when compared with the cost of divorce, investing in your marriage seems like a no brainer of a deal!  


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