Random Thoughts on Friday (2/10)

I am not a handyman, but when you are trying to sell a house you are motivated to fix things. For the past three weeks I have been repairing things I should have done 9 years ago. When you are not accustomed to stuff like this it is amazing how the little things can make you feel like a real man. I installed a new motion detector light over our garage. Our neighbor Ramone is an electrician, but I didn’t ask him to help because I’m a man. Yet after the whole thing was wired it wouldn’t come on. So I did an unmanly thing. I went down and asked Ramone why it wouldn’t work. “Well, its broad daylight right now. I bet if you cover the sensor the light will come on.” He was right. You the man Ramone!
This week is my final full week as pastor of Ridgecrest. I am not quite sure how to feel in this moment. There is a deep mixture of joy at what is next, but sadness that an important chapter of my life that is coming to a close. I know a large part of the memory of my ministry here will be associated with relocation. I hope it was about more than that. It was for me. These 9 years have been a spiritual relocation in my life. I am a much better man, pastor, and follower of Christ than I was when I came here in 2002. I will probably blog my thoughts throughout the coming week. Sometimes I can write much better than I can talk.
Ed Stetzer posted an insightful article about a decision made by officials in New York City to evict all churches that are renting space in public schools. It is amazing how quickly we are losing religious freedom in our country and the state is gaining freedom to discriminate against the Christian church. Last year people opposed a Muslim Mosque occupying a building in New York City. It was all over the news and the opponents were made to look like the devil, enemies of religious freedom. When the Christian Church gets the boot no one says a word. Read about it here: http://www.edstetzer.com/2012/02/big-apple-big-mistake.html
Have a great weekend.


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