Being Organic

Life is agricultural.  No matter how industrialized or technological the world becomes the principle of sowing and reaping is inescapable.  We are organic at the core.  Much of who you are can be attributed to decisions you made many years ago.  Something in the past was planted in your life, your character, your personality, your circumstances - today you eat the fruit.
Being organic has its positives and negatives.  When it comes to the negatives we would rather keep them hidden below the surface.  The problem here is that in an agrarian world, what is buried will soon grow.  Your sins will find you out (Num. 32:23).  The fruits of past sins are bitter herbs indeed.
The positive to being organic is that we can sow things into the soil of our soul that will, given time, become life giving.  Saving $10 per week will give you $1,000 in two years.  It is easy to waste $10 a hundred times.  It is hard not to need $1,000 just once.  In an organic world a little bit (the seed) can go a long way (the fruit).  We reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7)  
What is the little bit (the seed) that you can sow into your marriage/business/finances/family/community today that will make a big difference in a few years (the fruit)?  What bad habit, that has brought you nothing but bitter herbs, can you remove from the soil of your soul?  What can you replant in its place that will become life giving to you in the future (Eph. 4:25-32)?
The good news about being organic is that a field full of weeds can become an orchard full of fruit if it is given work and time.  What you choose to do with the dirt will make all the difference!  


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