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Question from Edvard in Montreal: 
I have two questions:
1)  What podcasts would you recommend and why?
2)  If I only had to read 5 books, which ones would you recommend?

1)  Podcasts and Why?
There are multitudes of great podcasts particularly in the Christian genre.  My subscriptions are limited to preaching and theological teaching.  I have yet to find a “conversational” or “show” type podcasts that keeps my interest.  I love to preach and love to hear others preach well.
My other criteria would include variety and thought.  I tire easily to listening to the same three or four guys over and over.  I also enjoy great preachers and teachers who are great thinkers.  A lot of bad preaching is covered by pithy sayings and passionate presentations, so I do appreciate those who pay attention to faithful interpretation.  That said, here is my list:
I subscribe to three seminary podcasts (this gives me great variety):
Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast//id305918399
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary:  http://www.nobts.edu/chapel/podcast/default.html
Here are my “thinker” podcasts:
2)  5 books you must read (in no particular order):
·         Is God a Moral Monster, Making Sense of the Old Testament God – Paul Copan
·         Knowing God – J.I. Packer
·         Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire – Jim Cymbala
·         The Pleasures of God – John Piper
·         Any one or all of the following:
o   Mere Christianity – C.S.Lewis
o   Simply Christian – N.T. Wright
o   The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel
Bonjour Ed!  Great to hear from you bro.


M B Tice said…
So thankful for this!! Thanks for asking Ed!! Hope you are doing great!!

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