Praying for Julia

We just received news that Julia Cobb, daughter of one of our pastors at Ridgecrest (Jonathan and Jenifer) was diagnosed with a fast growing mass on her shoulder.  The family will be traveling to M.D. Anderson in Houston next week for a biopsy.  I would ask that you not only pray for healing, but that those of you in the Ridgecrest family be ready to provide a special offering for the family to help cover these sudden expenses. 

As you may imagine, the Cobbs have great faith, but also have the natural fears any parent would experience at a time like this.  If you are a part of our family of faith at Ridgecrest, please be sensitive in speaking to Julia over the next few days.  As a 6 year old she cannot understand all that this means, nor do any of us quite know what all of this means.  Jonathan and Jenifer are trying to stay encouraged around her as to not foster fear in their daughter or her siblings. 

As a pastor for 15 years I have seen God give us many gifts of healing.  I have no reason to believe He will not answer again.  Just a few years ago we were praying for another one of our staff children and saw God mightily heal Josiah Carrier.  Tomorrow night (12/14) we will hold a special prayer meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Ridgecrest campus (7773 Gadsden Hwy, Trussville, AL 35173  I would ask that we not only give ourselves to prayer tomorrow, but also to fasting.  Also, as you have time throughout the day, search for Scriptures that speak of God's work to heal.  Please read and meditate on them.  Write them down and be ready to share them during the prayer meeting tomorrow night.  As mentioned above, also be prepared to give toward a special offering to help cover the Cobb's expenses as they travel to Texas.   

I know this blog is read throughout our nation and in many countries around the world.  I ask my readers not only to pray with us, but please share this message with your church family and other followers of Christ.

May God be glorified in this and we ask for healing for Julia in Jesus' name. 


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