Mile 2919 - The SBC, Redeeming Vegas

They say to never mix business with pleasure, or is it religion and politics?  Or is it death and taxes?  I can’t remember.  It doesn’t matter because ultimately we came this way for a few days of business in the form of The Southern Baptist Convention.  
A few posts ago I know that I represented Las Vegas as the underbelly of Hell.  I still believe that is the case.  Yet while driving into Vegas we passed several churches.  I don’t know if it was our route, but it appears there are enough churches in a few miles to compete with Birmingham per capita.  I pointed it out to Shannon and I was pleasantly surprised.  Paul said in Romans 5:20 that “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.”  A choir at the Pastor’s Conference portion of the Convention proved to me that was indeed true.  They were from Vegas, full of joy and unashamedly proclaiming Jesus in song.  There looked to be a couple hundred of them.  They represented several ethnicities, but I wondered about their stories.  Jesus said the people who love much are those who are forgiven of much.  After seeing Vegas I wondered what Jesus had done for them.  They were not just a choir that accomplished music.  I have heard an infinite number of choirs and bands that can accomplish music.  This was a choir with a message.  This may seem judgmental, but seeing the joy and passion with which they sang it made me wonder if this is the way Mary Magdalene would sing.  
Satan is doing much in Vegas.  God is doing more.


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