Mile 2000 - The Snow Cap Drive In (about half way, I think)

So far our millennial miles have been providential.  At mile 1,000 we pulled over in Nowhere, TX in front of a rusted out bus in a cattle stall.  At mile 2,000 we were in Seligman, AZ.  We were hungry so it was a great opportunity to stop for lunch.  Lucky us as we found the Snow Cap Drive In, a jewel preserved from old Route 66.  According to the story the drive in was founded by a beloved, jokester of a man in the 50’s.  The tradition continues. 
Not unusual on a road trip is Kiley’s call, “I’m about to pop.”  You know what that means.    But having to pop at The Snow Cap Drive In means that for the first time in your 7 year old life you will be “going” in an outhouse.  Kiley saw the out house as pure entertainment, Morgan viewed it as a death trap.  Besides the outhouse walking the grounds of The Snow Cap is indeed entertaining.  The old cars have eyes, there are one liners galore, and when you visit you are free to contribute to the chaos thus leaving the decor an international conglomerate of journey mementos and jokes.  The place provides some primo road trip photo ops.  Morgan insisted that my business card be taped to the front window which is now officially the most boring thing in Seligman, AZ.
Let’s talk food.  I ordered the Oink which is a cheeseburger with bacon.  It was good.  The girls ordered hot dogs which turned out to be the lunch order of choice.  They were awesome.  The Oink was great, but the dogs were unbelievable.  We also had milk shakes which at The Snow Cap are huge and pretty much perfect.  I usually do not go far for lunch, but after eating at The Snow Cap I might be tempted to go 2,000 miles.  Those dogs and shakes make it worth the drive.
On to Vegas . . .


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