The Story of Your Christmas Tree

A couple of weeks ago I shared the history of the Christmas tree in a sermon; no need to rehash it here.   Suffice it to say that the story behind how the Christmas tree made it into your living room is interesting.  If you did not hear that sermon either take a few moments to listen or do some research on your own.  The moral is that every Christmas tree tells a story.  What does your Christmas tree say about you?
Our family Christmas tree says distinctly that we have two daughters.  Between the bows and balls there are princesses.  Our tree says that they played soccer, once, and because it did not go well, now we swim.  Our tree says that on Shannon’s first trip to New Orleans a few weeks ago she learned why the world loves Beignets at CafĂ© Du Monde.  Our tree is full of family crafts and pictures that make the tree uniquely us.  Our tree is our story.
As I sat and thought about our tree I wondered if in telling our story, what does it say about our faith?  Does it reflect our conversion to followers of Christ?  That thought took me one step further.  What if my life were an ornament on the tree, there for everyone to see?  If that ornament reflected my secrets, my sins, and the most central values of my soul, what would it say about me?  Most of us would not want that ornament on our tree!  That is exactly why our tree has Disney princesses instead of little “me’s”.  But if I allowed such an ornament to be placed on our tree, would it also have as its central them that at the core of who I am, is Christ?  Would it be able to tell the story that He has conquered everything that I am? 
Take a look at your tree.  It is your story.  For us it is Beignets, princesses, tacky church crafts, and old pictures.  Yet in the midst of it all, throughout our tree is Christ.  We have been converted and His life is woven throughout ours.  If you are a follower of Christ decorate your tree to share your story.  But don’t forget to add the most important aspect of your story to your tree.  Throughout your tree, add some ornaments and symbols that also share how Christ has impacted your life, your family, your story.   


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