Last week I spent time with family for Thanksgiving.  For the better part of this week I have been in New Orleans.  I am a little behind on posting.  Tonight I have just enough time to offer a suggestion that pertains to our current series on Recovering Christmas, and point you to a related website.  Last Sunday, as part of the sermon, we talked about the history and evolution of the tradition of the Christmas tree.  I drew attention to the idea that our Christmas trees tell a story.  I challenged everyone to evaluate their Christmas traditions, especially their tree, and see if it includes your story of conversion. 

Another idea that may add meaning to your Christmas tree is the Chrismons.  I was not familiar with the Chrismons until my time as pastor of Lantana Road Baptist Church in Crossville, TN.  Each year the church held a traditional service that involved decorating the sanctuary Christmas tree.  When I think ornaments, I think silver balls, bells, garland, lights, and candy canes.  The people of LRBC were hanging Greek letters, crosses, and ancient Christian symbols.  It wasn’t your typical “Christmas in Dixie.”  Later someone took the time to fill in the blanks and shared with me the idea of the Chrismons.

The story behind the Chrismons as well as associated resources can all be found at  Perhaps this information will help spawn some ideas that you may be able to use to make your family tree more meaningful this Christmas.


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