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I have been preaching a series of sermons entitled, “What in the World is Going On?”  Our CLG’s have been using David Jeremiah’s book of the same name.  The study focuses on current events and prophetic clues as we try to lend a Biblical answer to what we see happening in our world today.  “What will be going on” in America next Tuesday is a very important mid-term election.  Throughout this sermon series I have been making statements to the effect that as Christians we cannot put our faith and trust in Fox News or CNN, the Republicans or the Democrats, Obamas or Bushs, Tea Parties or town halls as a means to restore America.  America needs to turn to Biblical faith in Jesus. 

Exactly what does a statement like this mean given that Jesus is not running for office?  Some may have mistakenly understood me to mean that Christians do not need to be involved in the political process; whether that process be running for office, voting, or involvement in political agendas such as the Tea Party movement.  This is not what I mean.  What I do mean is that it is a mistake for Christians to equate Biblical faith with the platform of a political party, a political news channel, or a political movement.  The most common mistake is to equate conservative politics with the gospel.  Fox News may be far more conservative than CNN, but they are not necessarily propagating the gospel.  If we wake up post-election and there are more Republicans in the Senate than Democrats this does not mean that suddenly our country is once again pleasing to God.

The gospel does not call us to less political involvement, instead it calls us to go further than politics.  While I may feel that the Tea Party is good for America, Biblically it does not go far enough.  We need to get Americans back to work, but we also need to call our country to repent of sin and turn our hearts to Jesus Christ for salvation.  We need to vote our conscience on health care, but we should also be agents of healing.  It is not enough to vote against candidates who are pro-choice, we must also open up our homes for adoption.  We must do more than vote, more than rally, more than watch.  The gospel does not call for us to vote like Jesus.  The gospel calls for us to be like Jesus. 

This Sunday I will be preaching on Biblical answers for next Tuesday’s vote.  As we walk towards the weekend I will certainly write more on the topic.  I welcome your questions and comments as we go along.


Dan Caudle said…
Well said! I look forward to more as this week progresses. Jesus was not a Democrat, Republican, or a Tea Party. He was, is, and forever more will be The Son of God; Our Lord and Master.
Colby Chavers said…
What is your opinion on the past attempts of Christians to get involved in government such as the Moral Majority and current attempts from people like Glenn Beck, who although he does not share my faith exactly DOES advocate America turning back to God?
Brian Branam said…
1) On the Moral Majority - the prophets were not received well in OT culture. Moral/Biblical voices will be misunderstood, criticized, and rejected. Yet, like the prophets responsibility to preach, there is a message that must be heard and it does influence culture. Personally, some of the statements of the MM and its leaders were too over the top for my taste, but I saw it as a valid strategy for church mobilization.

2) As a Mormon, Glenn Beck's doctrine of God is very different from Scriptural teaching - especially in God's relationship to His Son Jesus. Furthermore, Mormons hold to a view different identity of Jesus than what the Bible teaches.

3) Politically, even though I do not agree with Beck theologically (nor do I necessarily appreciate his style - too much whining and crying for me) I do respect him as a historian and appreciate his moral influence.

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