feelmyfaith Again

For the past few weeks I have sent the blog to the backseat of my priorities.  I not only needed to take care of some more important assignments, but I needed to take a step back and ask why I am doing this?  If I am going to continue with the blog, how can it be most effective? The most important question is does God want me to continue with feelmyfaith.com?  My call is to shepherd His people.  Does this blog help that process or hinder it?  Although all of my questions have yet to be satisfactorily answered, two thoughts about changes to the style of feelmyfaith.com have entered my mind.  My posts need to be more concise and personal.  After all, this is how the blog began, trying to connect the gospel to people as I walked in faith with my family, ministry, and through the mundane moments of life.  After all, these are the contexts that gave rise to my first post, “Tales of a First Grade Atheist.”  I moved away from the personal side of faith as an overreaction to what I did not want this blog to be; another pastor telling you why he is having a good day, that he ate lunch, read a book, and is headed off to the ballpark.  The more I’m on Twitter the more I realize how often we say nothing.  A few weeks on Twitter will cause one to quit asking why evangelical Christianity is no longer influential in our culture.  The answer is being tweeted moment by moment in 140 characters or less.  We are talking to ourselves.  We are trivial and tautological.   The gospel is not.

Twitter has taught me to say more with less.  Our culture does not foster serious readers, deep thinkers, or analytical minds.  We crave profound snippets.  We want a day’s worth of news in a fortune cookie.  I do not want to concede to being thoughtless, but I will concede to being concise.  Twitter wants 140 words.  That may be tough, but I will try to get it all down to three paragraphs.  What I have to say won’t fit into a fortune cookie, but it should fit nicely into a burrito.

I will try to post every day.  That being the case most of my content will be born from what’s on my desk, what I am studying for Sunday, or something my daughters said last night.  I hear some profound theology from a 6 and a 10 year old at bedtime.  Kiley wants God’s creative powers.  Last night when I told her that God spoke and the stars appeared, she said that she wanted to “speak” some of her sister’s furniture down the hall and into her room.  That sort of stuff may not do much for you, but as a pastor I hope it will encourage you to take the time to teach the Bible to your kids.  Being a residential priest is an awesome responsibility.  Having these moments with your family creates good memories and godly children.  So here we go, getting back to what it means to feelmyfaith.  God only knows what will happen with the next three paragraphs.


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