Will Divorce Make You Happy?

I referenced this article in the sermon on Sunday.  In place of writing on this topic I think it would be more helpful to simply refer you to the findings of this study.  Does Divorce Make People Happy?  Findings From a Study of Unhappy Marriages.  Here is an excerpt:
Why doesn't divorce typically make adults happier? The authors of the study suggest that while eliminating some stresses and sources of potential harm, divorce may create others as well. The decision to divorce sets in motion a large number of processes and events over which an individual has little control that are likely to deeply affect his or her emotional well-being. These include the response of one's spouse to divorce; the reactions of children; potential disappointments and aggravation in custody, child support, and visitation orders; new financial or health stresses for one or both parents; and new relationships or marriages.
In short the study concludes that divorce does not make people unhappy in a marriage happier.  An even more interesting conclusion is that couples who determined to stay married were much happier five years later.  I hope you find this information helpful.  As with any of my previous posts, I welcome your thoughts and discussion. 
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McCool said…
I think that you are bending your fact a little bit. While it my be true that people who get divorced are not happier and that people who stay together are generally happier five years later, this may not mean that it is better to not get divorced. The study that you mentioned says nothing about the happiness levels of divorcees after five years have passed, no does it mention the immediate emotional toll of not getting divorced. While it is a mildly interesting study, I feel that it is not that ground-breaking.
Harry said…
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