Growing Out of Faith (sermon audio: Sunday a.m.)

Children are full of faith. They find it easy to believe in almost anything unless someone gives them a reason not to. As we grow up we find plenty of reasons not to believe. We slowly grow out of faith. The difficulties of marriage, the effects of divorce, financial concerns, pride, fear, relationships, and attachments can all give us good reasons to grow out of faith. The pressures of surviving adulthood reprioritize our lives and can slowly erode what little faith we had left in our souls. In Mark 10, Jesus warns His followers, that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven they needed to return to childlike faith. They needed to detach from every reason they have ever been given “not to believe” and simply follow – like a child. If your soul is feeling the crush of the “big boy and big girl” concerns of life, if you feel like you are losing faith and are in desperate need of hope, join us for the sermon “Growing Out of Faith.”

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