Siran Stacy

I have been to a lot of conventions, conferences, revivals, and churches to hear preachers preach. Never have I heard or witnessed the move of God through a man as I did last night with Siran Stacy. God certainly has His hand on this man and I believe we all need to covenant together to pray for his strength as he ministers, that he be a clean, holy man of God, and that God will continue to fill Siran with His Spirit and His Word. I believe God is using Siran to bring about an awakening in the midst of His people and to call the lost to salvation.

As I drove onto campus this morning there was still smoke from the fire that began last night. We were here until 10:45 while family after family came to Siran and he prayed with them. In 13 years of ministry, I have never really seen such great hunger and faith exhibited together in one place. Perhaps I should be sad that this is true. Yet, I am still feasting this morning on what God is doing in our midst. Let us rejoice in His glory and be faithful to kindle these flames in prayer. We have had a great month of evangelism, of prayer on Wednesday nights, of growth, and given what happened last night – this month I believe has been a first fruit of what God is about to do in our church and city. Lately I have been strongly led to pray for revival. Everything I have observed in the last few weeks resonates that God is ready to answer this prayer. Let’s stay on our face during this holy week and beg God to awaken His church and to save the lost. May our hearts be filled with awe and expectation.


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