Adrian Rogers

If you are reading this blog then you should dedicate some bandwidth to another website, LWF is Love Worth Finding, the archived ministry of the late pastor Adrian Rogers. Adrian Rogers’ ministry has made a great impact on me and my wife. Anytime we hear his voice on the radio we tune in. His voice alone is a showstopper. God gave Adrian Rodgers great preaching pipes! His sermons were simply stated and laced with profound truths. He was a pastoral wordsmythe and had a way of phrasing truth in a way that it immediately stuck to your soul. “Truth that is not tested, cannot be trusted!”

If you are a reader, your library should contain something of Dr. Rodgers. If you are a pastor his biography, Love Worth Finding is a must. Shannon read the entire book to me aloud while we were driving home from the Southern Baptist Convention a few years ago. My chronology may be off a bit, but I believe it was the same convention in which he preached his final sermon before the SBC. Not many months later God called him home. For Shannon and I, it was like watching Moses deliver Deuteronomy. He spoke, scaled the mountain, and he was gone.

For encouragement, edification, wisdom, and nourishment for the Christian soul, spend some time with Dr. Adrian Rogers. Here are some relevant links:

Love Worth Finding – the hub of Adrian Rogers’ archives – archived media from Adrian Rogers

iTunes podcast – if you have iTunes it will automatically update when new material is posted


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