Mega Soul

Christmas changes our tune. Early in November some radio station in town will sell its soul to Christmas. Where the voice on the dial once sang about pickup trucks, cheating boyfriends, and dogs now the voice croons Christmas. It takes some of us longer than others, but by Thanksgiving we are ready for the change. We are in the Christmas spirit. Yet by the time Christmas arrives we begin to sing another song. We are ready for Christmas to be over.

Is it that Christmas is too big? Is there too much to buy, to do, to decorate? Is it to the point that by the end of it all instead of being overjoyed we are overwhelmed? If we were to sing an honest tune about the condition of our soul during the holiday season would it be more of a rant than a reflection of peace and joy?

An unwed, young, pregnant girl named Mary sings a song about a season in her life that has changed everything (Luke 1:46-55). Her song is an honest reflection of her soul. The opening lyric reads, “My soul magnifies the Lord.” The word translated “magnifies” is built on the Greek stem “mega.” She is a young girl with a mega soul.

If we were honest about the things that we make “mega” in our lives we would confess that our mega concerns should rather be ranked mini. The human soul was not built to devote itself to mini. The human soul was created to devote itself to mega. If we sell our soul to mini, it crashes. Life is stupid, meaningless, and chaotic. If we sell our soul to mega, the minis begin to look different, not so large and important.

Mary has sold her soul to mega. She will magnify the Lord. The pressures of being the virgin mother of God would seem overwhelming, but not for a mega soul that magnifies the Lord. When God is the focus the trials of life seem mini. In the immediate future Mary stands to be ridiculed. To a mini soul that seems mega, but to Mary’s mega soul, with God as the focus, she trusts that, “From now on all generations will call me blessed (Luke 1:48).” A mega God makes a person’s scornful opinions rank mini. Call her what you want, God has called her blessed (Luke 1:28).

Listen to the song of our soul this Christmas. Does it reflect a soul that is focused on mini or mega?


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