Mega Christmas (Sermon Audio: Sunday A.M.)

Christmas has a way of changing our tune. In late October usually one radio station in town dedicates itself to getting us in the Christmas spirit. Most of us are excited about Christmas music for about a month, but as Christmas Day approaches there are parties, family, gift lists, decorations, traffic, long lines, rude people. By the 25th of December our tune has changed from, “I’m ready for Christmas” to “I’m ready for Christmas to be over.” If you listen to our tune about this time of year we would have to say that our souls are not doing so well.

The pressures of life are making our souls come apart at the seams. Christmas, instead of being a season of peace and joy, only adds to the pressure. Because our souls are so stressed, we have lost the meaning of this moment. Yet a suddenly pregnant girl in her early teens sings a song that shows her soul is large, and under pressure, able to not only hold it together, but to truly appreciate the magnificence of this holy moment. Let us learn from Mary how we can use this moment of Christmas to foster mega souls.

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