I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Read 2 Kings 2:1-14

Super group U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was a number one hit in 1988. The song became an ironic prophecy. Though they have won 22 Grammy awards they have not had a number one song on Billboard’s top 100 since.

Why did Elijah tell Elisha three times to stay behind as he travelled to another town? Was it some sort of test of devotion? Was Elijah trying to spare Elisha the hardship of losing his mentor? Though no one can answer the question with certainty, what we can be sure of is that everyone knew Elijah was leaving. In two different locations the sons of the prophets (students in a “prophet school”) told Elisha this was the day Elijah was leaving. Twice Elisha declared he knew Elijah was leaving, and twice he told them to keep quiet.

Elisha would not stop the journey despite the coming pain. When Elijah was taken up Elisha tore his clothes, an obvious sign of mourning. Yet perhaps the greater reason Elisha would not stop the journey has more to do with what he was looking for. Elijah asked Elisha what he could leave him. Elisha asked for a double portion of his spirit. Elijah said it would be a hard thing to grant, but if Elisha was there to see Elijah’s rapture, it would be granted. In other words, Elisha must be present to win!

If Elisha had ended his journey at uneventful stops, he would have missed what God had for him that day. In the journey of spiritual discipline there are many uneventful stops. There are many days of uneventful prayer, Bible reading, worship, and journaling. Often we will read a passage in the Bible, and if we are honest, we would say it seemed to say nothing. Yet we must realize that God speaks at unexpected crossroads. If you remain diligent in the journey of spiritual discipline you will be amazed at the odd times when something uniquely spiritual happens. It may be during a slow afternoon commute that God uses a Bible passage or a prayer to awaken your spirit. It may be during a difficult conversation about something you desperately want to say, “Yes, I know it, keep quiet” that God sends a whirlwind to your soul. Today, the other side of the Jordan may be in the fast food drive thru. Wherever it is, if you remain faithful to the journey you will find God speaks at odd moments. Suddenly you find what you have been looking for; God speaks. A Bible passage you may have read three days ago suddenly finds meaning and His Spirit speaks to you. Something you prayed about three weeks ago is suddenly answered in a casual conversation. Because you remained faithful to the journey expectation was fresh and you were there to receive the blessing of God’s spirit awakening your spirit to truth.

Question for the day: What are the things that become most distracting to your journey in the spiritual disciplines? Is it lack of time, constant trips to the ball field, exhaustion, television? What can you do to keep your journey more consistent?


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