Elisha, Man of God

In February I began preparing to preach on the life of the prophet Elisha. Elisha’s story is told in the Bible from 1 Kings 19 through 2 Kings 13. Today I begin assessing all of my notes and preparing the first few sermons in the series. The first sermon will be shared on Sunday, August 16.

In conjunction with this series I will be posting short devotionals on topics that relate to the various themes found in the life of Elisha. The first of those postings will be on Monday, August 10. For now, I encourage you to begin reading the story of Elisha as told in Scripture. Prepare your own notes. Write down questions. Study the Word. Subscribe to these posts and the audio online. Let’s really immerse ourselves in this study, together.

Also, in conjunction with this series we will be launching the new RBC Men’s and Women’s ministries. Formal announcements will be made over the next couple of weeks, but you can expect the launch events to be held in September. In meeting with our leadership for these respective ministries, I get a sense that they not only have a great plan, but that this is something God is really going to use to transform us into people like Elisha, men and women of God.

Bill Henard, former pastor of RBC, and Adam Greenway, have just released their new book Evangelicals Engaging Emergent. I have not had an opportunity to read the book as I only received it this morning (thanks Bill), but I look forward to doing so. Now having Bill’s book along with Jason Dollar’s (Contend), I feel sorely behind! These men have inspired me to begin working on my autobiography, I Caught a Tiger by the Tail and was Seriously Injured.


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