Some Books You Might Want to Read (2)

Here is another list of books you might want to invest in. I try to read a book a week. Seminary makes this a difficult discipline, but I try. When I am really busy I read one of those cardboard books in my daughter’s room. If I feel really motivated I will read two. Elmo can be very philosophical, especially his biography about potty training. So outside of some cardboard Elmo, here is your next trip to the bookstore:

The Jesus Way – Eugene Peterson (Highly Recommend)
The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer – Leonard Allen
The Path of Celtic Prayer – Calvin Miller
Uprising – Erwin McManus
The Gospel According to Jesus – John McArthur
Culture Shift – Al Mohler
Back to Jerusalem – Paul Hattaway
There is a God – Anthony Flew (This one is a headache waiting to happen, but a must read!)
The Art of Personal Evangelism – Will McRaney
Unlearning Church – Michael Slaughter
I Am Legend - Richard Matheson (If you read Calvin Miller’s Unfinished Soul he writes a parable entitled “Red Book, Blue Book”, this was my attempt at a blue book. My review is that it was way better than the movie but unfortunately not as clean).

By the way, “Red Book, Blue Book” is not necessarily about reading books about vampires, but it is about widening your scope a bit, reading some things that offer different ideas, that are written from a different point of view. Unlearning Church can be a blue book in my circles, or squares; but I thought it was fantastic.


Surrender Daily said…
I know several pastors who all read a book a week. You still do it even with seminary? How in the world do you do it. I'm dying to know your weekly schedule.
Brian Branam said…
Well obviously Joel since I am a pastor I only work about an hour on Wednesday night and an hour or two on Sunday morning - it is really not that hard!

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