Audio: Interpretations of Jesus by the Church

The modern American church has done much to tarnish the image of Christ. Whether it be hypocrisy, moral failings, the multitude of denominations, or torturously boring worship services the church has interpreted Christ as a stale religious icon, powerless to touch or change the human soul. But God has chosen to use the church to tell the world about Jesus. So, why church? The church is to be a community of actual people who apply the gospel to their actual lives. The church is not a pretend forest of perfect plastic people, but a community of faith that is far less domesticated, far less sophisticated, and far messier than is often portrayed. The church is to be a petree dish in which the gospel is applied to people who are challenged by the pressures of life, marriage, finances, and faith. It is a place where the grace of God is to be experienced and the goodness of God is to be savored. The church needs to reinvest itself in building authentic relationships and engaging in a community journey toward Christ-likeness. Once the gospel is applied and experienced within the church the praises of God will be proclaimed to the world.

Listen to audio of Interpretations of Jesus by the Church.


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