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Why Women Love Thomas Rhett, the power of men with words

In 2015 Thomas Rhett released a simple, stripped-down country song entitled “Die a Happy Man.” The song became his breakthrough hit, topping the Billboard Country charts for 17 weeks. It was a song written for one woman, but it seems like every woman fell in love with it. With a syrupy sweet country song, Thomas Rhett gave women what they want from men – words.   I grew up on Randy Travis tapes. I know I sound like a 44-year-old dad here, but I struggle with current country music.  It seems like you could take the words truck, girl, beer, and jeans and write every song in country music’s top 40. Furthermore, today’s country boys can’t figure out if they’re from Nashville or Detroit. Right after they twang about the beer in the back of their truck they rap about that girl walking across the parking lot in her “torn up” jeans. Can you imagine what it would have been like if Reba had rapped? Emerging from the fray of the redneck Chevy rappers comes Thomas Rhett, the country crooner. He’s l…

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