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World's Collide - In a Good Way

Seinfeld character George Costanza greatly feared what he called, "Worlds collide." What he meant by worlds collide is that one part of your life fortuitously meets another part of your life - work does not need to collide with family. These friends do not need to intermingle with those friends. Elaine needs to stay away from Susan! For Costanza worlds collide upsets the equilibrium of life he called the "worlds theory." When worlds collide - "it blows up!"

But "worlds collide" is not always a Costanza sized meltdown. Sometimes worlds collide into an amazing experience.

I have a lot of worlds. I am a pastor, preacher, writer, teacher, and a chaplain for a high school football team. A few of those worlds collided for me last night as I took some of our players from the Christian Heritage School football team to serve at our Liberty Spring Place Campus.

Liberty Spring Place is a campus we planted 2 years ago in a local mobile home park that resembles…

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