What's the Cost of Knowing Christ?


If you knew you could invest in something that was guaranteed to make you wealthy you would do it. You wouldn't only do it, but you might even give up everything for it. Jesus said that when a person realizes the worth of the Kingdom of Heaven that they would give up everything in this world to have it. And that's exactly what Paul did. In Philippians 3 Paul talks about how he took a loss so that he may gain Christ. Paul did not just want to know the Easter story, he wanted to know the power of the resurrection. To know Christ, Paul lost all the trappings of cultural religion that were once gain to him. Are you religious or do you know Christ? We can't know Christ like most of her fans know Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has an amazing ability to pull people in close and make them believe they know her. Truth is, there are probably only a few people who really know her. In the same way, we can't be people who just know things about Jesus. We must truly know Him by having a relationship with the risen Son of God, Jesus Christ. You can know Christ, but it will cost you. And it's worth it!


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