How to Fail at Spiritual Disciplines . . . Again!


When the new year rolls around we are challenged with our resolve to get leaner and meaner physically and financially. But what about your spiritual goals?

So your pastor challenges you to:

  • Read the Bible daily.
  • Fast and pray regularly.
  • Serve thankfully.
  • Steward your resources generously.
  • Worship faithfully.
You don't disagree. There is no lack of good intentions.

You've been here before and you'll do it again. Your resolve to read the Bible through in a year goes down in flames in February just like your diet crashed in that bowl of cheese dip at the Super Bowl Party.

Why do we fail at spiritual disciplines again and again?

Jesus gives us some insight about what it means to be His disciple in Matthew 11:29-30. In this passage Jesus also reveals why we fail at spiritual disciplines but how we can truly know Him through them. The Savior isn't calling us to a method but to a meeting with Him!


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