The God Who Breaks You Will Bring You Back

God will break you. He will allow the consequences of your sin to break you. He will allow the consequences of other people's sin to break you. 

Broken is a bad situation but it isn't a bad place. When you're broken you cannot save yourself. You become more receptive to outside intervention. When you're broken you become desperate for God.

The God who breaks you will bring you back.

In this message I bring an exposition of Isaiah 61 and share a story of a recent experience where God broke me and brought me back. I experienced the presence of The Anointed One during a time of fasting and praying in Cades Cove near Townsend, TN. It's a long message, but if you are desperate for God to intervene in your situation I believe this sermon will grow your faith and encourage you to seek the Lord.


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