Questions to Evaluate Your Prayer Life

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Below are some questions that may help you evaluate your prayer life and make some necessary changes.
  1. Does my prayer life move the Acts 1:8 mission forward?
  2. Does my prayer life reflect dependence on God or do I pray for things it would take little effort or resources to accomplish on my own (Phil. 4:19)?  
  3. If God answered my prayers, would it bring more glory to Him or more attention to me (James 4:3)? 
  4. How does my prayer life reflect the time I spend in Scripture (Psalm 119)?
  5. Do I ask for specific things (James 4:2)?  
  6. Does my prayer life consist of praise and thanksgiving to God, intercession for others, confession of sin, as well as personal requests (Luke 11:1-4, 1 Tim. 2:1)? 
  7. Is it measurable?  If it was answered, would I know it?  Am I actively looking for how God answers?
  8. How long do I generally pray about things (Luke 11:9-10)?
  9. If God answered my prayers:
      • What would be the impact of the advancement of the gospel in the world?
      • How many people would be added to the work of the ministry?
      • How would it impact the church I attend?
      • How would it grow my marriage?
      • How would it encourage faithfulness?


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