You Don't Say

You Don't Say from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
In this message, the apostle John takes 4 statements,
all beginning with the phrase, “If we say” and then
compares them to the life that is produced. Each of
these statements in the initial context, are birthed
out of Gnosticism. Gnosticism argued that since the
body was material and evil, and the soul was
spiritual and good, that all you had to do was to
“know” God (which is reflected in 2:4 “whoever says
‘I know Him) but that it really didn't matter what
you did with your body. In this then, John gives us
three evidences of the truly saved life:
1) They are responsive to God's Word. 2) They are
sensitive to sin.
3) They exhibit a changing life.


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